# Shopware Products Migration

# Shopware

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Shopware is a feature-rich, developer-friendly, PHP-based ecommerce application established more than 18 years ago in Germany.

With more than 80,000 deployed instances and a rich partner network it’s a highly popular, well-established ecommerce solution in the DACH region and surrounding territories, and it’s also used by many UK-based merchants. Over 100,000 customers worldwide use Shopware.

# Migrate using SyncPenguin

Use SyncPenguin to migrate Shopware Products or other records to or from any other business app.

SyncPenguin is a simple yet very powerful and highly customizable platform for data synchronization, migration and enrichment. Check out the list of our existing connectors or request a custom one to be built by us for free! Any aspect of migration can be customized to meet your business requirements, including field mappings and data dependencies.

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