Online and physical store sales, all in sync

Maintain multiple online or physical stores and user SyncPenguin to sync inventory quantities with ease

Inventory sync

SyncPengiun provides a complete two-way inventory quantity sync to ensure your sales and manual adjustments are properly reflected in all stores

Quick and simple

Synchronization is quick and easy to set up, and requires no further maintenance or attention after the initial configuration

Affordable & scalable

With SyncPenguin you only pay for actual changes to your inventory, regardless of how many products you initially have, or will have in the future

Popular sync use-cases

  • Sync inventory quantities between matching SKUs of Square and Shopify
  • One-way mirroring of inventory counts from Shopify to WooCommerce
  • Inventory sync between 3 or more stores
  • Sync inventory between two online Shopify stores or locations

What stores can be synced?

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