A full customer data sync solution

Keep your customer data up to date among your business apps with a professional two-way and real-time sync

Two-way & Automatic

All of your customer data will always be up to date with our reliable, two-way or one-way automatic sync

Historical data migration

When you start the sync, we make sure all of your existing and historical customer data is merged according to your business needs

Individuals & Enterprise

It's super easy to use SyncPenguin. It takes just a couple of minutes to connect apps and start your sync, both for individual and enterprise use-cases

Custom fields, rules & filters

You can customize your sync flow by adjusting field mapping, applying advanced data transformations, adding filters or conditions. All without a single line of code


It's pretty simple: we don't store your customer data. All sync processes occur in the cloud and on the fly and don't require us to store your data in any way

Universal tool

With SyncPenguin, you can truly empower your business. We sync contacts and leads of Google Contacts, Microsoft 365, HubSpot, SendGrid, iCloud, and so much more

Popular contact sync use-cases

  • Sync user contacts between different Office 365 tenants
  • Migration from Exchange on-premise to Office 365 cloud
  • Sync Office 365 or Exchange GAL (Global Address List) contacts to users or iCloud devices
  • Sync customer data between CRM and email marketing apps
  • Sync contacts between CRM and customer support apps
  • Sync one-to-many between Office 365 or Exchange public or shared folder and user folders
  • Sync contacts from iPhone or Android mobile devices to desktop apps
  • Merge contacts lists without duplicates
  • Sync contacts including custom fields or condition rules

What contact apps can be synced?

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