# How can I test your services?

Great question! Go ahead and sign up for the SyncPenguin Dashboard, from where you can manage your synchronizations. Check out this article about how to set up your first synchronization.

# What is the pricing of SyncPenguin?

We have a wide range of plans that fit both individual customers and corporations. You can learn more about our pricing plans on the Pricing page.

# Is my data secure with SyncPenguin?

The short answer is yes: we don't store the data that is synced, and all connection tokens or credentials are stored in an encrypted and secure way. Learn more about our security & reliability here.

# I like your service, but I need a custom sync

No problem at all! You can customize your sync with our no-code visual programming interface, in just a few clicks. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to learn more.

# Is it possible to integrate with SyncPenguin?

Sure, we'd love that! We have a great and simple API in place, and we promise it's really easy to integrate. Our API is not public yet, but feel free to contact us for more details.

# Do you mainly develop a library of supported connectors?

It's our primary goal, but we also work with companies on native (white label) synchronization support.

# Contact us

Any additional questions? Drop us a few lines and we'll get in touch to discuss any details:

Contact us
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