SyncPenguin vs PieSync

There's another known service for data synchronizations called PieSync. It supports two-way synchronizations and has similar to SyncPenguin goals.

But there's an important restriction PieSync has: it only works with contacts, while SyncPenguin does not really care about what types of records are synchronized. This means that apart from contacts, you can sync meetings, tasks, inventory, tickets, or any other data records that flow through your business apps. This means you can achieve more automation while spending less time and money, as everything needed is in one place, just a few clicks away.

SyncPenguin also provides a more robust customization experience. Apart from just selecting what fields are synced, you can apply an unlimited number of rules, conditions, and filters using our no-code visual programming environment. This gives you more flexibility to apply exactly the customization your business process needs. You can learn more about customizations on the customizations section.

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