Your full schedule,
in all apps

Sync your work or home tasks between multiple applications. Automatic, two-way and customizable

Full integration solution

SyncPenguin provides a complete platform to arrange your workflow integration. All syncs are two-way, automatic, and seamless

Default fields

SyncPenguin automatically maps all basic task fields that are shared between organizer apps like task subject, due date, status, and description


You can also visually map any number of additional or custom fields of any type including text, number, date, etc.

Filters & conditions

You can also use our visual customization interface to apply any custom filters, add sync conditions or rules

Multiple projects

You can sync as many projects or task lists as you like, all under one SyncPenguin account and a clear pricing model

Popular planning apps

We've built connectors to popular apps including Google Tasks, M365 To Do, Exchange on-premise, Teams,, Todoist, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, and more

Popular sync use-cases

  • Sync work tasks between multiple projects
  • Sync CRM activities or tasks to Google Tasks or Office 365 To Do
  • Automatically add scheduled tasks to Google or Outlook calendar
  • Custom one-way or two-way integration between scheduling software, with filter, conditions, or rules
  • Merge or sync historical task data without creating duplicates
  • Flexible task integration that can use custom or additional fields in the field mapping

What task apps can be synced?

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