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500 updates/month

• Two-way sync
• Duplicate detection
• Historical data sync
• Custom fields
• Unlimited filters & rules
• Unlimited customizations

$9 / month

14-day free trial, no credit card


# What do 500 updates/month mean?

An update is a unit of measure that SyncPenguin uses to track your usage. An update occurs when a single data record (meeting, contact, task, etc.) is created, updated, or deleted in your business app.

# If I sync every 5 minutes, is an update counted every 5 minutes?

No, if the sync is triggered and there're no changes to your data, no updates are counted. You only pay for what is actually synced!

# Is the initial merge counted towards monthly usage?

No, starting May 2022 all merge or migration events are not counted towards your monthly sync usage.

# What happens if I exceed the usage limit?

In case the usage is exceeded, we simply notify you about it and give you enough time to upgrade the plan. We never automatically change your plan or charge for overages.

# Can I top up my balance?

Yes, we offer one-time top-up payments that can be used on top of your monthly subscription.

# What if I want to sync multiple users?

It's OK to use a single SyncPenguin account to sync multiple users or company employees. Your usage would be the sum of used sync updates among all syncs enabled.

# Is VAT included in plan prices?

VAT is not included in our plan prices. Registered businesses in certain locations can enter their VAT or GST IDs to remove those taxes from their monthly bills.

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