SyncPenguin vs CodeTwo

CodeTwo is a tool that provides businesses with multiple services related to Office 365 and Exchange on-premise. This includes backups, migration from one environment to another, email signatures and similar. CodeTwo also provides synchronization of Exchange on-premise data (contacts, meetings, tasks, etc.) between different tenants. Unfortunately, it doesn't support similar sync between Office 365 tenants, or between on-premise and cloud services.

On the contrary, SyncPenguin's connector supports both Exchange on-premise and cloud Office 365, and can sync contacts, meetings and tasks between any combination of private or public folders.

Migrating from Exchange on-premise to Office 365

If you are migrating from Exchange on-premise to Office 365 and have been using CodeTwo meetings or contacts synchronization, you can switch to SyncPenguin which supports both on-premise servers and cloud Office 365.