Syncing iCalendar .ICS Meetings

Learn how to sync your iCalendar .ICS Meetings with other apps

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Unify your calendars

SyncPengiun provides a complete two-way calendar sync solution to ensure you never get double-booked because of missing meetings

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SyncPenguin is highly configurable. You can choose what calendars to sync and how meeting information is mapped

Affordable & scalable

With SyncPenguin you only pay for changes to your data, regardless of how many meetings you initially have, or will have in the future

What can iCalendar .ICS Meetings be synced with?

About iCalendar .ICS

iCalendar is a standard method of transferring calendar information between computer systems. The standard allows products from many vendors to transfer calendar information between each other. iCalendar files typically have the file extension ".ical" ".ics" ".ifb" or ".icalendar" with a MIME type of "text/calendar".

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