What is Lead Data Enrichment?

As you can imagine, customers are the most important part of any business. Any smart marketing or sales strategy is built based on currently known information about your customers. Knowing more, you can target the right people with the right message. This is why it's key for you and your business to know and understand as much about your customers as possible.

There are special tools that help you get more information about people or organizations. They are called lead data enrichment tools and basically store a large database of people and companies known to be located in a specific region. Sometimes they provide an interface for manual or bulk enrichment, but in most cases, it's just a plain API that can be used to find a match. The match is usually found based on some already existing information provided: email, first and last name, address, company, etc.

This API can then be integrated with your favorite CRM or another business tool (basically any place you store your customer information). This integration involves requesting a match from the API and, in case of a match found, populating all interesting information to your CRM.

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Enrich using SyncPenguin

So as you can see, lead enrichment APIs are only tools to get the information. There's an additional integration step needed before you can actually take advantage of enrichment in a fully productive way. SyncPenguin can be used to enrich your leads, contacts or companies using any of the lead enrichment APIs.

Our developers will develop a connector to your preferable CRM or any other business tool according to your requirements. After the connector is created, the real-time enrichment job can be run, managed and monitored on our dashboard.

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